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Do you want to learn how to "unlock" limitless possibility in money, power, intimacy, and spiritual connection?

My name is Kristoffer Krohn, Extreme Breakthrough Mentor, and I am here to answer that question.

Let me ask: Are you sick of wanting a better body or a more successful business, more money, more connection, and more intimacy?!

Want to know why no diet results last, why no money-making course works the way you hoped, and why your relationships still malfunction no matter how hard you try?

Because your mind is designed by default to fall behind, destroy, and sabotage most of your results. You cannot and will not win, and for 97% of you, the sad truth is that you NEVER will.

Do you know why?

You struggle to believe in yourself. Deep down, You DO NOT believe you are good enough. And, I got toughest news for you—YOU’RE NOT.

Listen, what’s the use in trying to change your mind when it’s made up, and you are actually defending this insane idea. The reality, is that you have made every critical life decision ALREADY, before you even entered adulthood. Your life results are fated by your own limiting choices of the past. AND, Your results get to stink more, for life, like nearly EVERYONE else out there who is stuck in the same unconscious cesspool.

Your decisions from childhood have set all your limits.

I am talking especially to those of you with egos, who think you are successful enough, because you have figured out how to have double or quadruple average results. Deep down, you know that you have your secret insecurities and they hold you back from your greater potential.

Unfortunately, you are and will remain never enough, and it will get worse with time till all your fears have come true, and you find yourself old, crotchety, regretful—wishing you had figured out how to have it all. You will address your limitations, inauthenticity, disappointments, and identity crisis with addictions that will leave you empty and unfulfilled.


You do the one thing that can actually change all of that. You remove all your limits and become limitless, or as I like to say, unconditional. Unconditional people set no limits on their life and can create the life they want.

How do you do it? It’s extreme, and you will perceive it as painful at first. I call it, Extreme Belief Breakthrough.

Here is what I mean by extreme:

"Mentoring with Kristoffer changed me so profoundly that I found the inner resources to heal my terminal cancer. There is no end to my gratitude for my new conscious lease on life."

-Sandra Kunz

"Inside of one year Kristoffer helped me quit my job and replace it with a residual income more than double my previous income."

-Tracy Roberts

Heidi Childs

"Kristoffer's Belief Breakthrough processes completely eliminated my depression and need for electro shock therapy. I'm a whole new person!"

-Heidi Childs

"Limitless mentorship is priceless. I was empowered to replace my job income; heal my heart, functioning at 40% of capacity; repair my broken relationships; and eliminate my deepest fears, while launching my new coaching business."

-Wylene Benson

Jane Norris

"This mentorship has transformed my life. My husband and I went from being over a quarter million dollars in debt, and on the brink of divorce, to being out of debt, in the top 5% of all earners; and, we are now a Power Couple!"

-Jane Norris

Now, you CAN have a limitless life

It won’t be easy at first…because we have a lot of work to do on you.
Trust me, it takes one to know one.

I was one of the most broken…

I was 22 years old, newly married and ready to conquer the world. My wife Kalenn was my soulmate, and I wanted nothing more than to give her the world. You see, I get all my passion and indomitable fuel from my deep connection with myself, God, and her, the love of my life.

I was planning on a being a successful doctor, a great provider, a fantastic lover, friend, and father.

Well, Organic Chemistry had other plans: After taking the class twice, earning a worse grade on the second time around, I chose to quit, fail, and give up my dream of becoming a doctor. I was crushed. It was the first time I failed at anything. Worse, although I was working full time and was a full-time student, I found my wife in absolute tears because we had no money for rent, for tuition, or food.

I will never forget that moment. It’s changed me forever. I decided I was a horrible provider. I felt fear that I would never measure up, and I choose in that moment to believe that I wasn’t good enough.

Now, you do two things when you hit that all time low, kick in the face:

I felt so broken with my dreams and hopes dashed to pieces and the fact that I had let down my Kalenn, that I committed to do whatever it took to succeed, to be enough, and to NEVER feel that way again.

Now, fast-forward a short 4 years later.

I was less than year out of college, walking up in my custom built, nearly 10,000 square-foot dream home and driving my BMW 6 series convertible with the top down to work for the last time. I was free, liberated. I was retired, and I never needed to work again.

How did I do it?

I didn’t invest in a degree or a career. I invested in me—the one thing almost nobody does accept for the uber-successful.

I surrounded myself with mentors of all types and sucked the knowledge from their entire life right into my brain. I became wise fast, with all their knowledge and life experience. I came to discover that Freedom is measured by the number of choices you can see. These mentors helped me see so much more.

6 months later, I found myself on Kokomo, a small private island off of Jamaica. It was the most memorable sunset, walking down the beach to our private catered dinner with Kalenn. Her hair was braided; she was 7 months pregnant with our second child of four. We were celebrating our good life.

Then, she turns to me, and with all the brightness and hope of our future ahead of us, she asks me, "Kris, what are you going to do with your life now?"

The beautiful romantic moment shattered. All I could feel was, "I'm still not good enough, and I need to do more to be worthy of my Goddess and love." It’s not what she meant, but the pain was still there somehow.

How could I be this successful and still have this broken belief about myself? Then it hit me. All my success was selfish and about me, so I could be good enough. The question came, "What success and signtificance could be achieved if I was enough?"

I chose into a deeper journey with new and more successful mentors than ever before. Here were my questions:

I was now willing to go into the void and explore the most terrifying parts of me at my core.

On my journey I learned…

Now, as I did the belief breakthrough work, I also learned…

In this process I mastered intuitively how to find and breakthrough every limiting belief I had ever experienced. There are very few who know how to do this. Now, I have very few limitations left in my brain for my ongoing search and destroy mission.

Here is my question for you: Who would you become without your current limitations?

You would be busy manifesting your masterpiece life—including the health you want, the money you want, the connection, and the intimacy. You become wealthy, powerful, and influential. You discover your divine, higher, sacred-self capable of anything. You can become a tremendous force for good in this world.


I am no longer just financially independent. I am the movement leader of a global company. My goal, my legacy in action is to offer over 100,000,000 people the gift of free digital mentorship—and it’s underway with people getting it every day and new countries opening one after the other.

My team and I, WE will raise the collective consciousness of humanity. We will bring out the most powerful revolution in education to tackle poverty and hunger.

So let me ask:

  • What’s your dream?
  • What will you create without your limits?
  • Who are you when you are done with all your broken patterns and internal emotional chaos?

Here’s How It Works…

The secret to living a limitless life is becoming an unconditional being—Imagine no conditions set on your ability to live and create. You were born to create your ideal life. This is your divine Birthright! You have been promised everything even now, if you just know how.

All you have to do is overcome the top limiting beliefs you unconsciously chose, including some of the popular lies like,

These false beliefs contribute to your paradigm. They limit all of your life’s outcomes. They are only there by poor choice.

Unchallenged, your limited belief system will produce shame, guilt, depression, fear, anger, frustration, chronic health issues, and lack in everything you desire.

Your dreams are shot unless you retrain your brain. My breakthrough process does two things: (1) unwinds your false beliefs, and (2) creates new beliefs, which literally rewire your mind so you can create the life you want.

Once I unlock your ability to live your life at the speed of your potential, I will teach you my Belief Breakthrough techniques, and, the laws for manifesting your masterpiece life.

Limitless is our destination my friend.

You can buy my books or read some articles: don’t do that. Instead, if you are looking for the most dramatic change, download my book for free, and Get LIVE with me for 3 life changing days.

This is where your deep next level transformation begins.

You see, I run the most elite Private Breakthrough Circle on the planet, and I rarely accept new candidates, because it’s limited to only 100 people who are committed to becoming limitless and having it all.

So, here is the deal, I know I can’t change you. Only you can do that. And so, I refuse to work with anyone unless they’re 100% committed to changing their own life.

You need to be at such a serious turning point that you would do anything to move towards your goals and dreams, including facing your absolute deepest fears.

What does that look like? I only work with a small handful of people: my focus on my life changing company, commitment to God, and Family, requires serious commitment by others for their lives, as well. I make people do "Try Outs" This is how I find my next protege whose life I am going to completely transform.

What do tryouts look like?

I am offering you 3 days with me practically for free. This will begin the work of transformation and create insane value for you even though you and I will likely not continue on. Very few make the cut or want it bad enough.

At the end of this life changing 3-day experience, if I feel that you are the right fit, I will make you an offer of mentorship beyond anything you have experienced. If I don’t extend that offer to you, don’t feel bad, you just walked away with a transformation that people pay thousands of dollars to get from me, and you get it all practically for free.


Are you ready to take your first steps to going deeper into who you are than ever before?

Get your Free copy of my book The Conscious Creator: 6 Laws For Manifesting Your Masterpiece Life and Claim your 3 day Limitless experience where I will personally introduce you to your new limitless life.

Claim your free book now and register for the next limitless event.

This is Kristoffer Krohn, Extreme Breakthrough mentor wishing you Love, Light, and Limitless Life.